Thursday, January 19, 2012

Severance (Volition #2) by Shawn Kirsten Maravel

Blurb from Goodreads:

Severance is the bone-chilling, adrenaline-filled sequel to Volition. Charlotte finds herself hoping against reason that her life couldn't really have taken the devastating turn that it has. With Joel still dangerously out of the picture, and no signs that he may ever come back, she finds herself up against an even more dangerous threat. A sexy and cunning threat that is bound to tear what she has always known to be her reality down for good.

When things finally start to look up, another curve-ball is thrown her way, promising to give her what she'd hoped for since meeting Joel, an answer it seems that came a little too late. What Charlotte thought she'd once known to be the truth filters through her fingers, leaving her to believe that her world and the afterworld are much more tangled than she'd originally expected. She comes to find that love and lust are no longer the sole deciders of her fate, but revenge. A lifetime of secrets unfold and Charlotte discovers that Joel hasn't been the only one watching over her all of these years.

My Thoughts:

Spoiler Alert:
Severance is the sequel to Volition.

Personally I think I like this one better than the first, now I loved the first but this one definitely has more action/suspense and I'm an action/suspense kind of girl. I think Shawn Kirsten Maravel had it going on with Severance.

Severance picks up where Volition left off. Joel's injuries left him with a big surprise, one that changes the world for him and Charlotte and allows them what they want be together. But on the other hand it sort of puts a handicap on his ability to protect Charlotte.

In Voltion Charlotte learns that the one person she thought would never betray her trust is actually the reason her world has flipped upside down. He wants her and he will stop at nothing to have her.

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