Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mark of the Seer by Jenna Kay

Blurb from Goodreads:

CLARITY MILLER always thought of her life as semi-normal. She had friends that would do anything for her, a boyfriend that was madly in love with her, and a roof over her head that she shared with her aunt.

Everything seemed to be falling into place. That is, until the day she met Sam.

When Sam informs her that he’s her guardian angel and that she has been given the gifts of a Seer, her life starts spiraling out of control. She wants nothing to do with the spiritual realm.

All she wants is to have a normal life as a teenager, but when a tragedy occurs that causes the whole town of Garlandton to fall to its knees she realizes that she has a very important decision to make.

Should she embrace the life of a Seer?
Only time will tell . . .

My Thoughts:

Jenna Kay didn't disappoint with this book. Throughout the majority of the book I sat on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what would happen next.

Clarity is a normal teenage girl. She is looking forward to graduating high school and leaving town. After her parents died she was left to be raised by her Aunt. As a teen she is a partier/drinker.

She soon discovers that the new boy in town is not what he appears, she is the only one that can see him. When she learns that heaven & hell and angels & demons really do exist, her life is forever changed.


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Reviewed by Tich