Friday, September 28, 2012

Vitamin P by Nichelle Gregory review and giveaway

Imagine a pill that would heighten your desire and arousal. Imagine a pill that would guarantee a climax from the merest of touches from your lover.

The premise behind this story was too intoxicating not to explore...guaranteed O's, unimaginable pleasures with two of your best friends?

Need a hot dose of wild sexy fun reading? I do believe Vitamin P delivers!


Inhibitions slip away and pent-up desires are explored when a pretty, but shy scientist takes a libido-enhancing trial drug her team has been working on!

A brilliant, driven scientist, Nisa devotes her time to her work in the lab. Frustrated with her inability to orgasm or enjoy sex, Nisa is personally vested in the outcome of her team’s latest case study of Vitamin P, a female libido-enhancing pill. She recklessly takes more than the prescribed dosage of the drug upon overhearing Ryce and Eric, her two closest male friends and fellow scientists joking about her sexless appeal. The pill unleashes powerful, hidden desires within Nisa and she revels in it orgasmic effects. Her insatiable cravings lead her into the arms of both men. However, once the pill wears off Nisa wonders if love and friendship can survive in the aftermath of her relentless passion.

Author Bio:

 Nichelle Gregory has been in love with books and writing since middle school. A lover of the arts, she enjoys anything that embraces the creative nature within us all. Bringing believable characters to life that thrill and excite her readers is a challenge that continues to push Nichelle. She loves creating stories involving super sexy alpha heroes with divine heroines in magical, exotic, and fantastic scenarios. So, gone on . . . Indulge your secret desires in one of her simply sexy stories! 
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Here's what you have all been waiting for. At the bottom of this post is a Rafflecopter. Nichelle Gregory was gracious enough to donate an e-copy of Vitamin P to one lucky winner! So read the review and enter to win!

Destiny's Review:

I saw a post floating around on Facebook a few days ago advertising Vitamin P. A link with an excerpt was provided and completely rocked my world! I had never read anything by this author but she had me at "She was getting wet simply from the way Ryce said her name."

If you like a book full of sex then this one is for you.  Nichelle Gregory has come up with a fun and sexy story that keeps you begging for more. Her ability to write realistic characters is what drew me in. I love Nichelle's creativity!

Nisa is a scientist researching ways to enhance a woman's arousal. After a rough day, and her life of sexual dissatisfaction, she decides to test her drug Vitamin P herself. The pills leave her wanton, mix that with her attraction  to her colleagues and she's in for one wild night.

Destiny gives Vitamin P

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Tawnya Peltonen said...

This sounds like SUCH a great book!!! I NEED to read it! Yes, not want, I NEED to! Thanks for the chance to win.

Nichelle Gregory said...


Thank you for such a wonderful review! I wanted to craft a story that was fun, exciting and super hot! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!



Mindy fangedmom said...

I have been eyeing this book since Nichelle FIRST posted it on her facebook! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this book. It looks amazing! thank you for a great review and fabulous contest!!!!

Gracen Miller said...

Don't enter me in the contest. I've already read Vitamin P and I LOVED IT!! All of Nichelle's books are awesome, creative and well-written...I won't even go into the steamy sex. On top of that, Nichelle is a super sweet lady! Love her to pieces.

All the best of success, Nichelle.


Delphina said...

I need to check this out!

Nichelle Gregory said...

Mindy, I think you'd enjoy Vitamin P! It was a lot of fun to write. ;-)

Gracen, I'm blushing! Thank you for always being so supportive!! xoxo

Delphina, I love your name! Vitamin P delivers!