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Angel At Large (Trilogy Bundle)

Angel At Large ( Trilogy Bundle) By Melissa F.Hart

Three very different angels, but their lives are interwoven together. Cassel, Adrian and Kaine are three best friends and angels. When Cassel falls in love with the mortal woman he’s been sent to guard, they are each given a choice. If they can all three find women to fall in love with, who love them in return then they may all three remain on earth to be with their women. If even one of them fails in this, they all must return and forget about love.

 Book Descriptions

Book 1 ~  Falling for an Angel

Adrian is a messenger angel. He loves nothing better than zipping through the realms, dodging the enemies who try to keep him from doing his duty. He is fast and swift and as dedicated as they come. But he’s a fun loving individual. Even though he likes being an angel, he is lonely and can’t help wondering what it would be like to have someone that belongs to him, and that he belongs to. So when his best friend, the guardian angel Cassel falls in love with his mortal and he finds out that the only hope is for him to also find love, he embraces the challenge in his usual fun loving way. How hard can it be to find a mortal who will love him? He’s good looking, smart and can show her a good time. Unfortunately, he meets and is instantly attracted to Melissa, the only mortal woman in the world who is not impressed either by his good looks, his wit or his charm. To win her heart, he will have to reach deep into himself to discover what she really wants.

Book 2 ~ The Heart Plunderer

Kaine is a warrior angel and his life is as close to perfect as it can get. When he’s not out fighting a battle in the realms, he’s hanging out with his closest friends, Cassel and Adrian. Even though he has no idea what it means to love (that is normally an exclusively human preserve), he knows he would do almost anything for those two. His loyalty is put to the test when Cassel falls in love with his mortal and he learns that he has to find love in order for Cassel to keep his. This is a disaster of monumental proportions. Kaine knows he would do anything to help Cassel, but he has no interest in mortal love. He likes being an angel warrior and isn't interested in falling in love. Until he gets to the apartment assigned to him and runs into Alina that same day.

Book 3 ~ An Angel in my Bed

After several months of hiding her feelings for her best friend, Trina has finally decided to do something about it; she’s going to seduce Cassel. The attraction between them is pure electric, but they’ve been dancing around it and she’s done waiting for him to make the move. Her carefully planned seduction goes off without a hitch and they spend the entire night together. But then, the craziest thing happens; complete strangers just appear in their room and she discovers that Cassel is actually her guardian angel. She’s been sleeping with an angel! Freaked out, she quickly gets rid of Cassel and tries to freeze him out of her life. But Cassel has been in love with Trina for too long, now that he’s been with her, he won’t settle for anything less. He has a chance to be with her but he needs to know how she feels about him.

Brenda's Review

These books are amazing! I loved them.... But then again Melissa F. Hart is quickly moving up the charts of my "Favorite Author" list. I love her style of writing and her imagination is awesome!! She knows how to lure her readers into the story and how to keep them there. The woman's got style! I have now read "TEN" of her books,and love every one of them!!

 This trilogy is no exception. I love how the three stories all tie together and there is nothing lost in the story line. Here you have three Hunky Angels that are on a mission. To fall in love with a mortal woman. 
And the woman must know that they are Angels. 

 All three Angels are best friends and all three ladies are friends..... Loved how this worked out!I don't want to give away to much of the story line since this is a "New Release". So I will just say....... GET THEM!! You will not be sorry!!!!

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