Monday, February 18, 2013

Blood Type by Melissa Luznicky Garrett

Blood Type By Melissa Luznicky Garrett

Book Description

Since getting attacked by a vampire, I didn’t believe in beginnings. Only endings. Every person born to this world comes with an expiration date, but I had never considered mine. At least not until I met John. 

Now the end was all I ever thought about. I woke up every morning wondering if that day would be my last. Venom pulsed in my veins and seeped into my bones, infecting all my vital organs and changing me from the inside out. Slowly killing me.
But I’d welcome death in the end, if only because the alternative was even more frightening. 

Popular girl Blake Ehlert has it all: a prime spot on the cheerleading squad, a jock boyfriend who’s strong and sensitive, and the winning vote for Homecoming Queen two years in a row. But when she strikes up a conversation with loner John Kelly, her entire world starts to crumble.

John Kelly is a vampire—what’s known to his kind as a Compeller. It’s his job to recruit human Donors with a particular blood type.

And Blake is his next target.

Brenda's Review

I so want to give this more than five stars!!This book was just totally amazing from start to finish. At the end,I found myself yelling NOOOOO.... Don't end it like this!! Yep she did...Now I have to wait for the next book to probably yell some more. ;)

You find yourself so engrossed in this book that time has no meaning!!

I fell in love with the characters in this story. I found myself rooting for them and hoping they find a way to save Blake and for John to turn her into a vamp himself.So many emotions in this book it's just hard to explain.Can't wait till the next one!!

Brenda's Butterfly Points ~  I want to give it 10 Fangs   v""v


Melissa said...

Oh, I am *thrilled* you loved this book so much! What a nice way to wake up and start my day. Thank you very much! :-D

PS - The "Blood Type" series is my NaNo project each year. I am currently 50,000 words done with the sequel, "Blood Draw." I hope to have it published by the end of 2013. (I'm currently finishing the sequel to The Spirit Keeper).

Brenda Romine said...

Can't wait!!