Friday, February 8, 2013

Past Due by Elizabeth Seckman

Jenna Austin is a young, widowed artist raising a teenage son on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. As the costs of living in paradise rise, she struggles to make ends meet. Life isn't easy, but she manages.

When her car breaks down, she trudges on. She assumes life can't get any more complicated than it is. But it can...

Chance brings her nose to well-formed chest with Tres Coulter, the handsome, affluent aid to Governor Hunt. Jenna and Tres share a history; they also share a love they thought long lost. Their lives are about to be altered forever as the deceptions of the past transform the very foundation of the present.

The price of happily ever after may be too steep to pay once the past comes due.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Seckman was born August 5, 1969 in Barberton, Ohio. Her parents moved her to West Virginia when she was ten days old, prompting her relatives to call the new bundle of joy "Grit"...because it was a shame to turn a Buckeye into a Grit. She survived the nickname, understanding that what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. ;)

Elizabeth attended Marshall University in Huntington, WV where she studied counseling and worked for many years as a social worker. She married her college sweetheart, Chad, and has four sons: Caleb, Cole, Carter, and Conner. Her guys (hubby included) are worse than puppies making messes and always asking to be fed, but since they are adorable, she keeps them all.

Currently, she spends her time daydreaming (she calls this writing) and excavating piles of dirty laundry. Oh, and she goes to football games...lots and lots of football games.

So, living in a house of men...doing man things all the time...What girl wouldn't want to escape in a fantasy world of romance, true love, and clean houses?!

Tich's Review:

I want to say that I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

I found a new author to add to my FAVORITE AUTHOR list! Past Due was a well thought out and planned story. From the first paragraph the characters, especially Jenna, reach out their hands to the readers, pulling them into their world. I love books and characters that have been written in a realistic setting. Don't get me wrong I love my paranormal book and characters with supernatural abilites, but there is something refreshing about being able to relate to the characters that you hold in your hand. I was impressed by Elizabeth Seckman's writting, it was smooth and never failed to hold my attention.

Jenna is a widow and doing her best to raise her teenage son. As a single mother, she finds that providing for her child is a tough job that often leaves her sleep deprived. Money is tight and when her car breaks down she looks for ways to take care of this financial burden without asking her friends for handouts. While meeting with her next client, she finds herself working closely with an old friend...not just any friend, but the one person she never wanted to have to face again.

When Tres comes into town to take care of business he runs into the one woman that he thought he may never see agian, Jenna. Tres and Jenna once shared something wonderful, they had been in love, but lies and deception tore them apart and they have both lived with this heartache for far too long.

I highly recommend Past Due by Elizabeth Seckman, though I suggest keeping a box of tissues close by.

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