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Lust After Dark Collection By Melissa F. Hart

Lust After Dark Collection By Melissa F.Hart

Book Description

In a world of vampire clans and expected alliances, Garrett is a loner. He hurts no one. He helps no one. But his very refusal to join a clan puts him in danger from the often vicious blood families. When a nearby clan sends a hunting party to convert or kill him, he encounters the deadly and beautiful Tahlia. The sparks immediately fly between the two vampires, leading to a final confrontation that could put them both at risk.

Book 2: Death and Desire

Rosalind lost her lover in the great clan wars over 300 years ago. Since then, she had been in mourning, existing only to take blood and to walk among her clan as little more than a shadow of what she was. One evening, she stumbles upon what she believes is a dying human man whose helplessness arouses both her curiosity and her hunger. In the heat of the moment, she is torn between feasting on his body and satisfying her sudden need to know what sort of creature he truly was. As she lunges in to take his life or to reveal his illusion, suddenly a third and most unexpected choice rises up in the darkness to catch her unawares: desire.

Book 3: Seduced

Isabel’s sister is being courted by the devil. Or so it appears to the headstrong lawyer who works among criminals everyday. This man, Micah, is too smooth, too practiced to be all he seems. Determined to prevent her sister from succumbing to the charms of a dangerous man, Isabel follows him and discovers his shocking secret: he’s a vampire. Now, knowing what she thinks is the worst about him, will Isabel be able to save her sister from Micah or will she too fall prey to the dangerous seducer?

Brenda's Review

All three stories are full of beautiful vampires and the erotic lives they lead. I really enjoyed this set and look forward to more from this amazing story teller!
Melissa brings her characters to life and you will fall in love with them all.

Hunter's Heart ~Garrett is loner,he helps no one and refuses to join with another clan.Most vampires are in a clan with others for safety in numbers.But Garrett prefers to be by himself.No one to answer to but himself.

A near by clan is out to get him into their clan or kill him.He is the hunted this time,not the hunter. He gets lured into an alley by the beautiful Tahlia. A vampire who wants to kill him. But when she gets Garrett alone,things suddenly turn on her. Not in a bad way.... Tahlia and Garrett end up suddenly in love and she must fight to protect him.

Death & Desire ~ Rosalind carries a grief for her long lost lover from years ago.She's been having dreams of him lately and is having a hard time shaking the dreams off.

One evening while out walking through the woods she up on a trail of blood.Blood with no smell.Her vampire senses can't pickup on the smell.Confused she follows the trail and finds a man who has shot by an arrow.She gets up close to him and suddenly can smell the blood.She suddenly wants to drain his blood from him.But yet she also feels a sudden desire for this man.She can't figure out why she is so aroused by him....Until..... Well you gotta read this amazing little story. Not gonna give it all away :)

Seduced ~ This story was awesome.You have a sexy hunk of a vampire vs. a hot little lawyer named Isabel.

Isabel lives with her sister. Her sister is suddenly dating a very hot looking man who appears out of nowhere and she's not liking it.Isabel just knows he's up to something.So one night after Micah drops her sister off at home,Isabel decides to follow him to what it is he up to.

Micah is a very hot vampire and he is on the prowl when he suddenly discovers he is being followed. By no other than the sister of his interest.When Micah approaches Isabel to let her know he is on to her. Things get pretty hot. And I don't mean as in a fight.

Loved this story!

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