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The Lockwood Chronicles Episode 2: Reunions by Katrina LaFond

“..Need. Powerful, overwhelming need. It clawed at her insides and deluged her senses as the bloodlust took control of her. Her fangs burst into her mouth so suddenly that her bottom lip was pierced. She suckled blood from her own flesh, but it did nothing to abate the drive for fresh sustenance. She knew nothing but the desire to hunt. All rational and intelligent thought was driven from her brain as she staggered to her feet. On pure instinct alone, she transformed into a glistening black raven. A few beats of her powerful wings and she soared into the sky, towards the heart of the city…”

Madeline and Alexander Lockwood travel to America, to Madeline's hometown in Illinois, to attend her 20 year high school reunion. But things take a turn for the decidedly worse when Alexander is drugged and kidnapped by vampire hunters. Madeline must rely on powers she’s only just learning to use in her search for Alexander, but she cannot fail. New enemies and old conspire to keep them apart. Can she find him before it’s too late?
Author Bio:
I’ve always been a big reader. As a matter of fact, I’m told that I was already reading before I even started kindergarten—little things, of course, not Shakespeare. Over the years, I breezed through any writing assignment given to me, and even began to write on my own some during grade school. It was in high school, though, that I really began to get serious.

From the start I gravitated toward science fiction and fantasy stories. They were pretty tame and very adolescent, but I had a lot of fun writing them. I was reading books like Dune by Frank Herbert at the time, so most of what I wrote centered around outer space. It wasn’t until I started writing about vampires that I began to realistically think that I could write for a living. I read a book called The Initiation that was about vampires. The part I remember best was at the end, when the girl, who’d been turned into a vampire, allowed herself to die in the first rays of dawn rather than feed on the boy she loved. I remember that so vividly because I thought it was the most beautiful depiction of unconditional and unrequited love that I'd ever read (hey, I was a teenager, what did I know?). I immediately looked for more books like it but the selections were limited. All I could usually find were goofy stories for little kids or sappy romances for adults. I wasn’t really interested in any of those, so I thought to myself: Why don’t I write one?

Over the years, my vampires have grown and evolved with me, and now I write those ‘
sappy’romances I used to sneer about. Oh well, I’m a sappy grown-up I guess. I’ve tried writing stories more for teens, but I’ve discovered that if I try to control my characters too much, they rebel and the story becomes stagnant and boring, so I go with the flow.

When my web designer told me I was going to have to write something for her to put on
an“about me” page, I cringed, and I will admit I got a little nervous. I’m a pretty solid believer in not putting too much information about yourself online, but then I realized that with any story of mine that anyone reads, they learn a little more about me. Nearly every female character that has ever allowed me to write her story has more than a trait or two borrowed from me (and no, I won’t tell you which characters, or which traits). So, ‘about me’…. Suffice it to say that, I have been in a serious relationship with the same man for more than twenty years, and so far I haven’t found a reason to ruin that with marriage. We have a geriatric dog named Sandy who thinks she’s still a puppy. I work a full-time job because I don’t want to starve to death or live in my car. And I write every chance I get.

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Tich's review:

The Lockwood Chronicles are a series of episodes, they make for a very fun and short read. I was so excited to read episode two because the first was so addicting and I was not disappointed. Katrina LaFond has written an alluring story that leaves you wanting more. The Lockwood Chronicles is well written and the characters are attractive and fun to read.

In this episode Madeline is going to her twenty year high school reunion. She is excited to bring her very attractive husband on her arm. All is going great, she is spending some time with her mother and showing off her husband to all of her old classmates. Then the unthinkable happens...Alexander is missing and her mother has been drugged. Who would do this and why?

I loved this episode more than the first...if that's possible. It is such a page turner, I couldn't stop reading until I was finished. If you are wanting a short Paranormal Romance then I recommend buying these. It is for the mature audience but not erotic.

Tich's Butterfly Rating:

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The Lockwood Chronicles Episode 1: A Chance Meeting

When Madeline Connors stepped off the plane in London, she stepped into a whole new world--a dark and dangerous world that had only ever existed for her in books and movies. They met by accident--a moment's direction and she collided with Alexander Lockwood. One look into his crystal blue eyes and she was lost, in love before she even knew his name.

Alexander knew he should stay away from Madeline for her own good, but the passion in her emerald eyes and the call of her blood was too much for him. Even though he knew that falling in love with her would expose her to danger, he couldn't stay away. He'd wanted to ease her into his world gently, to give her the choice, but a moment of brutal violence and Madeline's life changed forever.
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