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Blood Wrath By Zoey Sweete

Blood Wrath By Zoey Sweete

    ( The Draven Witch Series #3)

Book Description

Renee Draven the witch/vampire hybrid sent to save the mortal realm has failed. She has been beaten, bruised, and left for dead. Half of her soul has been torn away with losing her true one and loyal mate William Angelo. Now, she must look inside herself and find the strength to avenge his death, while unleashing her wrath against Demon Queen, Demya; the one who tore him away from her loving arms. But Demya is only one of many demons Renee will face. Old Ones will rise, and the King himself will lead them to chaos. Between battling the darkness that is slowly eating away what is left of her sanity, she must somehow survive the greatest battle she has ever faced. Will our heroine rise above the demons that are coming for her life or will the fate she suffers be worse than death?

Brenda's Review

Okay ~ Really? Start the book out with high emotions?? Yep!! Sucks you in from the start!! Heart stings will get pulled in this book!!

Renee's greif in this one pulls at you. You can feel her emotions in your core. The loss that she feels is so great you can't help but feel it. That's Writing!!!

At the start of this one I felt a dislike toward the hottie Dante. He betrayed Renee and lied to her. But by the end of the book you are back to loving him all over again!So you see you emtions are flip flopped all over the place in this story.

You get a peek of Renee's dark side in this book.It's a whole new look toward the character.

I found this book to be highly emotional as well as suspenceful!! It is action packed and the scenes are visable in your head.... Great writing!! If an author can make me feel emotions and make me see the characters and feel the charcters.... They are doing it right!!

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