Friday, May 24, 2013

In My Riding School A - Z By Ken Wickenden

In My Riding School A - Z By Ken Wickenden

Book Description

An action filled A to Z picture book of life IN MY RIDING SCHOOL.

Inspire your child to learn their ABC’s through their passion of horses.

Engaging with your child with something you both love provides the best of learning opportunities. As you go through this delightfully illustrated book you will enjoy the fun pictures of the horses IN MY RIDING SCHOOL.

Each page brings with it a new letter and subject with simple rhymes around the item. You can then review the previous subjects finding them on every page. Some items are well hidden so be prepared to spend some time searching the riding school!

Each page has full colour illustrations and happy scenes of the action IN MY RIDING SCHOOL. These look fantastic on both the colour Kindle readers and the grey scale readers.

Where you share your passion with your child, not only do they learn more positively, but you will spend more time and be more involved with their learning. Children need to read, be passionate about the books you share with them!

Brenda's Review

 What a great little book for the kiddo's! With awesome illustrations all through the book. Very important because kids relate to the pictures and it helps builds their imaginations. This is my first chance at reviewing a childrens book so it was a new expirence for me.

Kids can relate words to the alfabet and by what is going on in the photos.Kids are ingaged to learn more about horses and the care of horses in this clever little book.They learn about the equipment that used on the horses as well as riding.

There's a wide range of care and love for horses to learn and share.This is a great book for kids to learn responsibility and what it takes to care for a horse. Job well done by the author!

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