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Surrender to Fate blog tour

Title:   Surrender to Fate (Fate’s Path #1)
Author:  Jacelyn Rye
Genre:   New Adult Romance 18+
Publication Date:  September 17, 2013
Cover Designed By:  Damonza 
Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.

Some say fate holds the cards. But what if love deals the hand? No love goes untested. Ever. Indeed, true love is left to prove itself. And that is exactly where fate steps in to play the game.

For William and Sarah, that game begins with growing up, in the unspoiled mountains of Colorado. In a time and space as clear as the Rocky Mountain skies above, these young souls together learn about life, what matters most, what endures, what doesn’t, and about love. Innocent young love moves ever so surely toward lives they both can picture, lives spent loving each other in a place they know so well and cherish.

Will and Sarah are ecstatically swept away in the swells of new love. And it is in their rarefied bliss that they make the fragile promise of first love, a promise that fate will soon rock and pound into doubt, guilt, and epiphany.

Unexpected and unprepared, these young lovers are suddenly torn apart, first by distance, and then by the far greater pressures of temptation that test the very fidelity of their heart-held promise. No longer able to console each other, hold each other, touch each other, they face the inevitable decision: move on to other loves, or cling to the faith that they will someday be together, again.
Will and Sarah stare down an unknown path, sensing destiny will not wait long before it comes to take them. Wracked with doubt, they wonder if their love was real. Caged by guilt, they both feel tempted by others intent on stealing their hearts.

Fate plays hardest when love is tested. And Will and Sarah are no exception, letting go of their happy past to embrace hope for an uncharted future. Love plays hardest when fate tests. And so it is, even through their trials of the heart, Will and Sarah never really stop loving each other. Theirs is a love so real and pure that each just wants the other to find happiness, even if it's with another.

But fate does not surrender so easily. Dealing blow upon blow, both Will and Sarah are each struck by jolting events that take them to the very edge of life, itself.

Sarah and Will hold tightly to their past, but steadfast promises begin to wane. Life continues, filled with romance, drama, and two souls yearning to understand the challenges brought with coming of age, and learning that fate is ultimately in control. What happens to love when life is on the line? Can they both relinquish control when love is on the line? Will fate even allow them to find out?

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Things that Inspire Me:
My sons---everything about them makes me want to be the best I can be.
My husband— he truly wants me to be happy!
My parents---they always support me and give me the best advice.
My dreams---they are vivid and I almost always remember them when I wake up
My childhood---so many amazing memories from growing up the mountains of Colorado
Nature---especially trees
Stories of people overcoming adversity
Love---Loving people, and people loving me

Jacelyn spent her childhood growing up in the mountains of Colorado.  After graduating from college, she moved to Southern California, where she still resides with her husband and two young sons. 


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Pulling Me Under by Rebecca Berto

Pulling Me Under by Rebecca Berto

Book Description
Paul was Katie’s rock for thirteen years, but then she watched him die.

By day, she is left with her daughter Ella’s questions about where Daddy went, and at night she's consumed with nightmares of the moment he died. It isn’t long before Katie’s mother hints that her volatile lifestyle and developing drinking habits are no way to raise a little girl.

Through it all, her and Paul’s best friend, Liam is there. Grieving the death of both husband and friend, the time they spend together seems more intimate these days, and Katie soon stumbles into taboo territory: Liam might be in love with her.

Torn between Liam’s feelings and losing Ella, one night Katie runs.

Air. Space. Thinking time. That's what she thinks she's getting when she stumbles upon that party. In the morning, in a strange bed, she can’t remember the night before. 

Pulling Me Under is raw in its brutality of love and pain, with slow-building suspense to a heart-stopping conclusion.

Brenda's Review

This is a heart felt story about life,love and loss.Learning how to deal with it and learning the hard way. I loved and hated this character in this story,I felt sorry for her but at the same time I just wanted to shake the crap out of her for all the wrong choices she was making.This story just pulls you into so many different emotions,I felt like it was all happening to me!

Katie watched her husband of fifteen years die.She is faced with trying to go on with her life without him.But with her nightmares of Pauls death and her daughter asking where daddy went,she is falling under.

Katie turns to drinking to dull the pain.Her mother surely doesn't help.Her mother blames Katie for all the miscarrages she had in her life.Says Katie killed all of babies,it was all Katie's fault they had died and that she was cursed.

When Katie stumbles upon a party.All the wrong people are there and before long things take a turn for the worse for Katie.This is the point of the story that really gets to you. This is when I really wanted to shake some sense into her.But the ending kind of made up for all that anguish.I was glad to see how things ended up for her and her daughter.

Brenda's Butterfly Review Points

Where to find the book & author; Book coming Oct.13,2013

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Heaven Sent Blog Tour

Heaven Sent

by Hilary Storm



He is everywhere.
In my thoughts.
In my dreams.
In my air.

I’m trying to fight my attraction to Taron, but my heart doesn’t seem to listen to my mind.  I know it’s a disaster waiting to happen if I give in, yet I still keep thinking of the possibilities.

He has a past.  So do I.
He loves to flirt.  So do I.
He will be leaving to go on tour tomorrow.  I won’t.
He was there for me when I thought I lost my best friend.  The title ‘best friend’ doesn’t really do what we have justice.  Eaven is my sister.  We may come from different blood, but in all aspects that count we are family.  A couple of months ago Eaven was kidnapped and driven into the river by her boyfriend’s ex.  Taron never left my side the entire time we were searching for her or when she was recovering in the hospital.  He has been to my apartment to check on me daily since Eaven has been staying with Talon to recover. 
Don’t get me wrong.  He has continuously made advances toward me since we found out Eaven was going to be ok.  He flirts non-stop, but I’m a girl who likes all of that attention.  I just don’t want to share my attention with other girls.
I have to decide if I can handle sharing him before I give myself to him completely.  After all he is the lead singer in the band ‘Rebel Walking’.  They are going to be gone more on tour now.  This will be their second time to go on tour with main stream bands.  They were such a huge success the first time, they were chosen to be the opening band at every single one of ‘Beckoning Reality’s‘ concerts.  I heard all of the details from Taron when he called to check on me while he was away on the first tour. 
I’ve managed to fight him off until this point, but I’m sure since he leaves in the morning, he will be trying extra hard tonight to get me to cave. 
Smitty has kicked off a celebration to send the band off in style.  It looks like everyone has shown up to see the band one last time.  This place is packed.
Eaven and I went shopping for new outfits this week.  She wants to look exceptional tonight since she is sending her fiancĂ© off for four weeks.  She is just recently engaged to Talon and they are perfect for each other.  I am so excited that she found someone who makes her happy and treats her right.  He just happens to look identical to the guy that I am fighting myself to not like.  Talon and Taron Walker are identical twins.  The story of the two sisters falling in love with twin bad boys is one that never comes true.

I look over and see Taron at the band’s reserved table talking to his twin.  My eyes shift to his broad shoulders and the dark, tight shirt that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.  I’ve been in his arms a few times and I know that his chest and stomach are sculpted and just as defined as the shirt makes it appear.  He has dark hair, almost black.  He wears it messy so that it looks like he just got out of bed.  The look really works for him.  I know that he does put effort into his hair because I have been stuck waiting on him to get ready.
He jumps up to pester his older brother Holden and I begin to appreciate the view of his ass in those jeans.  His jeans hang just right, just the way I love to see.  I’ve never let him know that I appreciate how he looks.  He would never let me live it down if I did.
Eaven leaves me to make her way to Talon.  I see Taron begin to search the room as soon as he sees her arrive.  He spots me and starts to look me up and down.  His eyes never leave me as he stalks across the room.
“Poison Ivy!  It is such a pleasure to see you out for the kill tonight.”  He takes his index finger and runs it down my chest and into the valley of my cleavage causing my shirt to lower.  He stops just before he exposes me.
“Do you want to lose that finger?”  I really want him to continue, but I would never tell him that.
“I would love for you to take my entire finger.”  He removes his digit from my chest and I know his meaning behind his reply.  He has never been shy about his sexual desire with me.
“In your dreams.”  I turn away from him to begin my walk to the table.  He stops me after only a few steps.  He grabs my hips and holds me against him.  I can feel him invading my space again.  He is consuming all of my senses.  He leans down to whisper in my ear.
“Yea that pretty much sums it up.” 
My body heats up as his breath blows past my ear.  The sensation sends a shiver through my body and heat straight to my core.  He holds me so close that I can feel how much he wants me as it presses into my backside.
“When are you going to quit playing hard to get?  You know we will be hot together.  You know you want what only I can give you.”  He begins to sway back and forth with the music.
I want what he is offering me so much.  I want to let go and ride the roller coaster that is Taron.  I know there will be ups and downs.  I just don’t know if I can hang on until the end and exit the ride safely.  I don’t know if he will break my heart.
Usually I don’t let myself get attached to a guy.  We have fun and then say our goodbyes.  Taron managed to work his way into my life in a way that we are so beyond a simple affair without strings.  I just don’t know if he is capable of what I want.
I want him.  All of him.  To myself.  No sharing.

“I don’t want to share,” I say through the lump in my throat.
“I don’t have any intentions of sharing you.”  He flips me around to face him.  He guides my arms over his shoulders and slowly drags his hands back down my arms, down my sides, and then around my waist.  He flattens both of his hands out on my butt cheeks and presses me further into him.  We continue to sway with the music.
I look into his eyes.  I can see desire.  I can see the same heat that I feel.  I decide to give in.  I pull him down to meet my lips.  He doesn’t waste any time joining my tongue.  I know he is a great kisser.  We have already established the hot chemistry between us once before.  He continues to press himself into me and the pressure makes me crave more of him.
“Spend the night with me.”  He is begging me through the tone of his voice.
I bow my head in thought and he kisses my forehead.  He uses his large hands to guide my head back up to look at him.  He closes his eyes as he nears me and begins to softly kiss my lips.  This gentle side of him is my undoing.
“My place isn’t as crowded.  I’m pretty sure you won’t want your brothers to hear what I have planned for you.”  I nibble on his bottom lip as I pull away from his lips.
“Fuuuuccckk Me.”  He has a huge smile on his face.

“I have to sing a few songs and then you are mine.”  He holds me tight until the rest of the band has taken the stage.  When Talon and Luke start to play, he finally releases me.  “Don’t go anywhere.  I want to watch you while I am on stage.”
I stay exactly where he leaves me.  I enjoy the songs so much more this time.  It seems like he is singing them directly to me.  His eyes are intense and he never really looks anywhere but at me.  The crowd is still going wild trying to get his attention.  Panties and bras are thrown up at him, but he never averts his attention away from me. 
I feel someone up against my back and I turn to see who is standing this close to me.  It’s Dylan.  His job relocated him a couple of months back.  We went out a couple of times, but we weren’t exclusive.
“Hey Dylan.”  I smile at him and place my hand on his arm stepping sideways just a little to give myself some room.
“Ivy.  How is my girl?”  The way he just said my girl irritates me.  He grips my arm very tightly and I yank it from his grip.  What the hell is his problem?  
“I am not anyone’s girl.” 
Aiden is next to me in a matter of seconds.  Aiden and I have been friends since we met.  In the beginning he wanted to be more than friends.  I think he finally realized that my feelings for Taron are much deeper than I let on and he backed off.  He started dating another girl, but we still talk daily.  We sometimes meet for dinner or drinks when he has time.  He is pure country.  He is pure country cowboy with a perfect gentleman demeanor. 
“Get your hands off of Ivy.”  Aiden is in Dylan’s face the instant he can be.
“You got a problem, cowboy?”  Dylan pushes Aiden back.
“Lay a hand on a girl and you are the one with a big problem.  It will be the last time you use your hands.”  Aiden is dead serious with his threat.  “Let’s take this outside.”  The cowboys surround Dylan.
Taron busts through the crowd that has surrounded us.  He slams into Dylan’s chest with the rage of a fighter.  His force slams Dylan to the ground.  Taron has his arm pressing into Dylan’s throat causing him to gasp for air.
“You touch her again, motherfucker, and I will personally make sure that you never live to see tomorrow.”  It takes four guys to pull Taron off of Dylan.  The cowboys escort Dylan out of the bar and Taron is outraged. 
“What the fuck!”  He begins to yell in anger. 
“Chill out brother.”  Talon attempts to calm his twin down. 
“What did he say to you?  Why is he grabbing you like that?  Why is cowboy saving the fucking day?”  He is full of questions that I don’t know the answer to.  
“He just grabbed my arm tightly and asked how his girl was doing.  I told him that I am not anyone’s girl and then Aiden was there.  Calm down, please.”  I’m starting to feel the stress of him being this angry.  My childhood was spent with different men beating on my mother every day.  They used to talk to her and look at her like he is talking to me right now.  I don’t think he would ever hit me, but his rage is causing old memories to surface that I am not ready to deal with right now.
“Aiden saves the motherfucking day.  Doesn’t he?”  He is angry with me.  Why is he so pissed at me?
“Aiden is just a friend.  What is your problem?”  I grab him by the collar of his t-shirt and pull his face to mine.  “Jealous much?” 
“No one should be touching you like that.”
“I agree and it has been handled.  Please don’t ruin tonight for us.”  I beg him as I hold him an inch from my face trying to get him to focus on me.  He finally calms down just as Smitty shows up to see what is going on.  I’m thankful that Smitty loves these guys.  I’m positive that all of our asses would have been tossed if they weren’t the band that fills this bar every time they schedule.        
“I’m done tonight.  The show is over.”  Taron begins to yell at everyone that is surrounding us.  The DJ starts to play some music and the crowd finally moves away. 
“I’m ready to break out of here.”  He looks frustrated as he looks at me over his shoulder.  He has a hold of my hand and our arms are extended between us since I haven’t moved.  I see Eaven looking at us with a smile on her face. 
I decide to walk in her direction and Taron follows staying attached to my hand.  “We’re going to head out.”  She knows what we’re leaving to do.  She knows me better than I know myself sometimes.  She leans over to hug me and manages to whisper in my ear so that Taron can’t hear. 
“Be careful my friend.”  Then she leans into a hug with him.  She whispers something in his ear that I can’t hear.


“Hurt her, and I will kill you.”  Eaven’s threat is heard loud and clear.  I have witnessed the bond that these two share, and I know they will always protect each other.  My future sister-in-law is a feisty survivor and I don’t plan to cross her.  She has proven that she will fight for those she loves.

It takes entirely too long to exit the club.  People are everywhere and every time I turn around some girl from one of my past hookups is lingering in my view waiting for the opportunity to ‘meet’ up with me.  I know Ivy can sense what these girls are after because she gets defensive before we get out the door.
“Jealous much?”  I decide the best way to approach this is to be playful and throw her words right back at her. 
“Um…. No.  Like I have always said, if you want ‘cock rot’ feel free to play the field, just don’t expect me to hang around.”  She is extremely sassy with that fucking mouth of hers.  It is what I love and hate so much about her equally.  She is a breath of fresh air compared to all of the groupies that I am flooded with constantly. 
I have been holding out for Ivy since we started spending so much time together after Eaven’s accident.  “There’s no ‘cock rot’ here.  My dick may fall off from lack of use lately, but I know that I’m clean.  I always wrap it and I get tested regularly.” 
I have to protect myself from the lot lizards of the concert scene.  They will agree with everything I say or want to do.  It’s like they are spineless females that expect me to give them a great fuck and then they know the drill.  They head out.  I may hit four girls in the same night if I start at the club. 
I haven’t had any interest in any of them lately.  Been there, fucked that. 
There is a sexy brunette that has had all of my attention.  I love a challenge.  She acts like she isn’t interested in me, but I know that if she has a taste, she will love it.  I can’t wait to see if that sassy mouth is just as feisty in the bedroom.  If it is, I may not be able to stand it. 

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Dream Child blog tour

"I would give anything to take this away from her.  I would gladly go back to having the nightmares myself – the very worst ones, the ones that had me waking up screaming in a pool of my own vomit – rather than see Lizzie go through this..." 

As a resident at Children's Hospital, Sara can handle ninety hour workweeks, fighting to save her young patients from deadly childhood diseases.  But she's about to be faced with a challenge that all her training and experience haven't prepared her for: her four-year-old daughter has inherited her ability to see other people's dreams...

"Dream Child" is the suspenseful third novel in the "Dreams" series.

My Review:

I have to say that I absolutely love this series.  I have not read anything quite like it.  The story is very intriguing and the characters are lovable.  There was not a single moment of disappointment.  The story starts off strong, capturing your attention, and only picks up momentum.

If you have not read the first two books in this series, I highly recommend them.  Sara sees other's dreams, something that she has passed on to her daughter.  This ability is not all that you may think it's cracked up to be.  Sometimes it can be dangerous or just downright scary.

Now that Lizzy is experiencing these psychic dreams, Brian and Sara must help her deal with much as you can with a four year old.

Follow the links below to get your copy of Dream Child, and the first two if you haven't read them.  You will not regret it.  They are a fabulous read and I cannot wait to start the next book in the series.


Author Bio:

J.J. (James) DiBenedetto was born in Yonkers, New York. He attended Case Western Reserve University, where as his classmates can attest, he was a complete nerd. Very little has changed since then.

He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia with his beautiful wife and their cat (who has thoroughly trained them both). When he's not writing, James works in the direct marketing field, enjoys the opera, photography and the New York Giants, among other interests.

The "Dreams" series is James' first published work.



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·         Dream Student:
·         Dream Doctor:
·         Dream Child:
·         Dream Family:
·         Waking Dream:


Barnes & Noble:


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Walking Among The Shadows: Awakening #1 by Navi Robins

Walking Among The Shadows;Awakening#1 by Navi Robins

Book Description

Aiden Storm has been living in the shadows and feels there is only so much life has to 
offer someone like him, until the most beautiful girl he's ever seen 
arrives at Deerfield High. 

Jasmine is everything Aiden could possibly want in a girlfriend, but after a chance 
encounter on the first day of his sophomore year he begins to feel his sanity
and emotional control slipping into a dark fantasy of violence, horror, and 

Confiding in his best friend only complicates things as Tony questions Aiden's 
sanity and fears that Aiden will one day act on his violent visions, leading him 
to become Deerfield's first serial killer. The darkness growing inside of Aiden 
starts to change him, and every day the old Aiden disappears while the new
aggressive and dangerous Aiden begins to take control and jeopardize everything 
and everyone important in his life. 

Things take a turn for the worse on his seventeenth birthday when he blacks out and 
wakes up to the aftermath of a rival team member’s murder and the report of an intruder in Jasmine's home 
on the same night. Unable to recall what happened, Aiden becomes the prime 
suspect. With Tony knowing his dark secret and an FBI agent hot on his 
trail, Aiden has to figure out how to keep Tony from exposing him while staying 
one step ahead of the federal agent assigned to the case. He must choose to 
embrace or expose the darkness.

Brenda's Review

I wasn't sure what to expect when I recieved this awesome little treasure to review.There is a lot of action in this and suspence!! I was flipping through it so fast just trying to figure out what was coming next.Your going to feel a lot of different emotions throughout the whole book!!Very pleasantly pleased with this amazing book! Ohhhh,and the ending!! I was like....Oh NO!!! Navi did not just end it like that!!!! AHHHHH.... I can't wait for more!!

Okay, now for a little about the story. Aiden Storm,a typical high school teen who's whole world is about to change in the blink of an eye.Aiden's life has been normal.... until that beauitul new girl walks into the lunch room.

Jasmine, the new girl.She's beautiful beyond words.All the guys are in awe of her and all the girls loth her.The second she walks into the lunch room and lays eyes on Aiden Storm,things get very sticky. And quickly!!

All Aiden can feel and think of when Jasmine is near him is hate, anger and rage.All he wants to do is end her life for her. He doesn't understand where these feelings are coming from.He has to stay away from her at all costs!! When murders accrue and Aiden keeps blacking out,the FBI are on his heels. All fingers are pointing to Aiden.Aiden can't be sure if he really did the murdering or not. He can't trust his feelings anymore,all the rage he is feeling,waking up in Jasmine's bedroom standing over her,the feeling of wanting to kill her....Leads to one messed up mind.

I really enjoyed the characters in this story,they were all very "Real To Life". You find yourself rooting for all the wrong people,and saying "What the heck?".... Don't judge a book by it's cover..Yeah, that saying should be on the front of this one!I loved it!! Can't wait for more from Navi Robins!!

Brenda's Butterfly Review Points

Where you can find the book/Author;

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Blog Take over with Christy Newton

What if one night changed your life forever?
Maisie Scott lost not only her husband and unborn child in a tornado two years ago she lost her will to live. Keeping busy is the only way she can get by. This small town waitress won’t let herself get attached to anyone…until Ryan, the new veterinarian for exotic animals, starts making regular trips to her diner. As hard as she tries not to feel anything, Ryan ignites a spark in her broken heart.
Ryan Tucker craves a happy family of his own more than his Momma’s apple pie. Getting over his fiancĂ©e leaving him six months ago, he moves to Pleasant Valley for a fresh start. When he meets Maisie and notices the sadness in her eyes he is determined to put a smile on her pretty face.
What starts out as innocent flirting turns into two people finding something they no longer want to live without. The problem is Maisie has deep scars inside and out. Showing Ryan that part of her may just be too painful.
When another dangerous storm hits, Ryan stays by Maisie’s side. She fills the missing piece in his heart, but will Ryan share his secret? Can Maisie move on from the past and learn to begin again?
Susanne Matthews rated
5 of 5 stars
I just finished reading Christy Newton's second book, Begin Again, and this new author did not disappoint. If you like sweet romantic I got all choked up, an emotional response that I did not anticipate when I started reading. Well done, Ms. Newton!
Terrie rated
5 of 5 stars
I too am a hopeless romantic so this was an awesome book for me. I was totally swept away with each page. I can’t wait for Christy's next book. I would and have recommended my friends to read this one. Thanks for a WONDERFUL! read.
Tanya- The Book Obsessed Momma rated
5 of 5 stars
This is a short, sweet, emotional love story! Christy captivates us with 2 souls who have suffered heartache but find friendship with one another. ;)
I enjoyed the dialogue, friendship, traditional values, respect, kindness and support Ryan gives Maisie. He truly is a wonderful man inside and out! (I wish more men in real life could be like this man’s character!!))
I enjoyed Maisie’s growth, ability to believe in Ryan’s friendship and (despite the struggle initially) come to terms with liking Ryan.

It is sweet to watch how both characters flourish when around each other and all the sadness and pain they carry … just disappears.

But when a certain person comes unannounced and unwelcomed, opens the door and leaves one with the wrong impression and running away…. Can trust be regained, can one listen to the truth, find out the answers or does the person hop on a plane and leave forever??

I so enjoyed this short love story. It intrigues you, pulls at your heart strings and makes you wishing/hoping a HEA can happen for both Ryan and Maisie!

Well done, Christy on your second book! I look forward to reading many more books by you!
Buy Links:
I love to hear from my readers!
Twitter: @CNewtonAuthor

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Blog Take over with Christy Newton

Murder, jealousy and treasure…

When Cammie Adams, determined novice PI, gets an urgent call from her ex, she is compelled to take his case. Miles, a luxury hotel owner and an upstanding citizen of the Upton Hills Community, finds one of the maids dead in an empty suite and turns to Cammie for help to keep his beloved hotel from being tarnished. With her partner and complicated boyfriend, Simon, she takes on a case that might just be their last. Her ex’s hotel is an eighty-year-old building that has secrets of its own. Will Miles win Cammie back? Will Simon stay by her side when the unthinkable happens? Can they catch the murderer to save the hotel and her ex’s reputation or will the case take a turn that will leave them lost forever?


Tanya- The Book Obsessed Momma rated

5 of 5 stars

I loved this book! Christy did not disappoint me in this 2nd book in the series! She blew me away with the sweet romance, jealously, murder suspense and more!

This book showcases Cammie, Simon, Max(her father) and others we saw in book 1. Miles needs her help and she agrees to take on his case.

In the book, Cammie kicks butt! I was amazed at her character and strength! She is an enjoyable character and in each book she just keeps getting better! :)

Simon- oh Simon! He blows me away with the things he says to Cammie! I enjoy what he did for her and the spur of the moment trip he takes her on! He never ceases to amaze me and enjoy how Christy showcases him and his love for Cammie. ;)

These 2 characters as well as the rest of the main 2nd characters were amazing! I enjoyed all of this book! The suspense, intrigue, murder, mystery, romance, love, trips, friendships and more.. were just amazing in this book and there were a few things that happen that totally flew me for a loop! (and I enjoyed that immensely)

Christy has the ability to make a sweet romance and make you feel so good with the action with the PI business too! But she really has the ability to make you feel all bubbly and warm with the 2 characters without being over the top with sexual things... she is a nice contemporary romance author and I enjoy that! :)

If you read Stolen Hearts you will love this 2nd book in the series! I look forward with much excitement for book 3 to see where Christy will take us with all the characters!


Nancy Fleishman rated

5 of 5 stars

Christy Newton did a great job with her follow up to Stolen Hearts. In this one we get to enjoy Cammie and Simon in the comfortable rhythm of their relationship. In Something To Treasure Christy has stepped up the adventure. Great job Christy!!

Crystal Holloway rated

5 of 5 stars

Christy's story telling ability is so wonderful! This is the 2nd book in a series, but it stands alone as a great story. A romantic suspense that will keep you guessing to the end, and so much fun to read. You will love Cammie and Simon!

Buy Links:


I love to hear from my readers!
Twitter: @CNewtonAuthor

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Cover Reveal ~ Third Time's the Charm (The Downey Trilogy #3)

Once to Begin, Twice to Bind, and Third Time’s The Charm…

Of all the things Mickey Downey has accomplished in his life, successfully quitting his vices is the one thing he hasn't been able to master. For the first time Mickey is free to have both Mary and Tommy in his life but yet he's never been closer to being pulled back into the criminal world. While Tommy, Ginny and James work overtime to expose a nefarious plot threatening all of them, Kiki and Maeve Downey are hatching their own plots to make Mickey’s dreams come true. With shenanigans afoot in every aspect of Mickey’s life, he may be forced to pick up the weapons he promised Mary he would leave behind in order to protect his children. Can Mary finally accept he might never truly be free of it or will Mickey’s enemies once again succeed in tearing them apart?

Strap yourselves in for the rollercoaster conclusion to The Downey Trilogy!

First, I Love You . Second of All . Third Time's The Charm

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Title:  Third Times The Charm (The Downey Trilogy #3)
Author:  Genevieve Dewey
Age Group:  Adult
Genre:  Contemporary Fiction
Publication Date:  October 31, 2013
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About the Author:  Genevieve Dewey is the author of The Downey Trilogy (First, I Love You, Second of All & Third Time’s The Charm) and the short stories Bird Day Battalion & V-Day Aversion. She is a wife, mother, sister, friend and Anthropologist. She was raised mostly in Nebraska, partly in Arizona. She has a Master’s in Anthropology and worked as an Applied Anthropologist for years (even ran her own research company for a while) before deciding to be a stay at home mom. She loves passionate (rational) debates, reading, and libraries… oh, and Chicago and high-heels and chocolate and target practice and gangster flicks and anything with the FBI in it and run-on sentences. She lives in Nebraska with her three brilliantly diabolical children and one incredibly funny husband.


Mary lifted her head and stared dully at his body lounging against the door frame, hands in his pockets, as usual. She was so permeated with emotion and memories and her eyes stung with that dry wetness of too many tears, she couldn’t bother to feel shame at being caught. She said the first thing on her mind.

“You—you never sent them,” Mary stopped and swallowed. “How come you never mailed them to me?”

Michael came and sat on the bed next to her. When the mattress dipped to accommodate him, her hip tilted into his and she put a hand out onto his thigh to brace herself. His left hand reached out and covered hers, tracing the faint wrinkles on her knuckles. His other hand reached across and gently took the box from her lap.

“I didn’t know where you were. But even if I had, I wouldn’t have. I couldn’t. They were never meant for you to see. I thought by writing them I could somehow exorcise you from my heart, get the memories out of my head.”

“But… After you found us and you started writing Tommy…”

“It was easier with him. There was no resentment and pain with the guilt, just love. We’re family. It was my duty as his father to make sure he knew his siblings at the very least. When I wrote to him it felt like a gift. With you…” his voice trailed off and she could tell by the tightness in his tone he was battling his emotions. “I knew after I saw you again, there would never be a day when I didn’t love you. And I no longer wanted to cut you out of my heart.”

She turned her head and looked into his eyes. They were bloodshot but otherwise dry.

“Oh, Michael,” Mary’s voice broke and his face blurred again from her tears. She wiped them impatiently. She moved her body so she could face him more directly. “Don’t you know how much I would have given to have known even half of this?”

His lips tightened and his gaze dropped to their hands.

“I thought you did know, Mary. I tried the best I could to show you what you meant to me. Words are cheap. I spent my days lyin’ to people. You know I’m damn good at it. I thought, with you, the words weren’t as important as showing you. When we were together in Brooklyn, you had all of me. All of the real me. The rest of the world had the smoke and mirrors.”

She reached up her hand and laid it flat against his chest. His heart was racing. He grabbed her hand and pressed it to his lips. She scooted closer and laid her head against his neck. She could feel the sinews of his muscles and bones and his breathing seemed labored.

“Spend the night with me. We’ve wasted so much time. You said you came for me. I’m tired of this dance, so tired,” Michael stopped. She lifted her head and watched him grit his teeth before he continued. “I’m done with it. Done with being a gentleman. We can go on as many dates as you like, but I’m not going to be under the same roof with you and not have you in my bed.”