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Walking Among The Shadows: Awakening #1 by Navi Robins

Walking Among The Shadows;Awakening#1 by Navi Robins

Book Description

Aiden Storm has been living in the shadows and feels there is only so much life has to 
offer someone like him, until the most beautiful girl he's ever seen 
arrives at Deerfield High. 

Jasmine is everything Aiden could possibly want in a girlfriend, but after a chance 
encounter on the first day of his sophomore year he begins to feel his sanity
and emotional control slipping into a dark fantasy of violence, horror, and 

Confiding in his best friend only complicates things as Tony questions Aiden's 
sanity and fears that Aiden will one day act on his violent visions, leading him 
to become Deerfield's first serial killer. The darkness growing inside of Aiden 
starts to change him, and every day the old Aiden disappears while the new
aggressive and dangerous Aiden begins to take control and jeopardize everything 
and everyone important in his life. 

Things take a turn for the worse on his seventeenth birthday when he blacks out and 
wakes up to the aftermath of a rival team member’s murder and the report of an intruder in Jasmine's home 
on the same night. Unable to recall what happened, Aiden becomes the prime 
suspect. With Tony knowing his dark secret and an FBI agent hot on his 
trail, Aiden has to figure out how to keep Tony from exposing him while staying 
one step ahead of the federal agent assigned to the case. He must choose to 
embrace or expose the darkness.

Brenda's Review

I wasn't sure what to expect when I recieved this awesome little treasure to review.There is a lot of action in this and suspence!! I was flipping through it so fast just trying to figure out what was coming next.Your going to feel a lot of different emotions throughout the whole book!!Very pleasantly pleased with this amazing book! Ohhhh,and the ending!! I was like....Oh NO!!! Navi did not just end it like that!!!! AHHHHH.... I can't wait for more!!

Okay, now for a little about the story. Aiden Storm,a typical high school teen who's whole world is about to change in the blink of an eye.Aiden's life has been normal.... until that beauitul new girl walks into the lunch room.

Jasmine, the new girl.She's beautiful beyond words.All the guys are in awe of her and all the girls loth her.The second she walks into the lunch room and lays eyes on Aiden Storm,things get very sticky. And quickly!!

All Aiden can feel and think of when Jasmine is near him is hate, anger and rage.All he wants to do is end her life for her. He doesn't understand where these feelings are coming from.He has to stay away from her at all costs!! When murders accrue and Aiden keeps blacking out,the FBI are on his heels. All fingers are pointing to Aiden.Aiden can't be sure if he really did the murdering or not. He can't trust his feelings anymore,all the rage he is feeling,waking up in Jasmine's bedroom standing over her,the feeling of wanting to kill her....Leads to one messed up mind.

I really enjoyed the characters in this story,they were all very "Real To Life". You find yourself rooting for all the wrong people,and saying "What the heck?".... Don't judge a book by it's cover..Yeah, that saying should be on the front of this one!I loved it!! Can't wait for more from Navi Robins!!

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