Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Burned by S.N.Hawke & S.C.Rosemary

Burned by S.N.Hawke & S.C.Rosemary

Book Desription

New Adult Contemporary Romance

Every girl carries the hope to find the one when she goes on a date. 
Many a time, the date is disappointing. 
Miraculously one day, the date is amazing and she thinks that she meets the perfect guy. 
But only time can tell what kind of man she is really getting. 
So what is she getting? 
Ethan Lancaster has everything. He has the sexy body of a demi-god, eyes of prince charming, admission to the top law school and endless supply of dollar bills. Better yet, he is also searching for a girlfriend. 
Dana Watson needs a boyfriend, regardless she actually wants one or not. The life as she knows is crumbling down and she is running out of time. Failing the college dating games miserably, Dana pushes her limits and finds Ethan. Both have their own secret agendas, but the spark between them is undeniable. Little do they know that secrets can get them burned.

Brenda's Review

I recieved this first part of a three part series from the author in return for an honest review.

I'd like to start this off with a "Thank You" to S.C.Rosemary for scouting me out to read this little piece of awesomeness! I love the characters,I love the plot of storyline and I love the way it flows along so nicely.And I'd like to say"Thanks" for that cliffhanger! LOL....Now that I'm hooked you know I have to read the other half...I must know how this ends!!

Dana Watson needs a boyfriend.Her life seems to falling down around her.Feeling like a failure at the college dating scene Dana takes a brave step at finding a date on-line.They set up a place to meet and Dana can't believe her eyes.He is simply gorgeous,rich,smart and seems to be way out of her league.

Ethan Lancaster is looking to find a girlfriend.One who is pretty and smart and easy going personality.Someone he can enjoy spending time with.Not a girl who only sees dollar signs and good times.So he hooks up with a girl on a dating site.

After a few dates Dana and Ethan decide to make a go at it on becoming boyfriend/girlfriend.And just explore the idea being together.Dana finds out from her room mate that Ethan is well known (And a player) and very wealthy.He is the son of a well known attorney that has offices all over the world.And she is about to meet his parents for the very first time.

Looking forward to second part of this story,I need to know how this is all going to end.

Brenda's Butterfly Review Points; 5-  

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