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Phases of Passion Trilogy by Melissa F.Hart

Phases of Passion by Melissa F.Hart

Trilogy 3 book bundle;

Book Description

Book One: New Moon 
Erin can’t help but be taken in by handsome newcomer to her office, Sean. The way he stares at her with deep, dark eyes sends a sensuous shiver right through her body. 

Erin is drawn to Sean, not just because of his devastatingly handsome looks. One night, when he needs a ride home, Erin is glad to offer, but alone in the car, passions run high and soon Erin is finding out just how intense her attraction to Sean is. But he hides a dark secret. Sean is mysterious and a loner, could he be linked to the spate of murders occurring round town? Could Erin be sleeping with a killer? 

Book Two: Crescent Moon 
Since her night of passion with Sean, Erin hasn’t been feeling like herself. Her sense of smell is heightened and dogs randomly bark aggressively at her. Something isn’t right, but she doesn’t know what it is. 

Even more troubling is Sean’s sudden disappearance. The morning after their heated night together, he got up and disappeared in to the night while she slept, and now no one knows where he has gone. Could he be the key to unlock her strange experiences? 

Erin knows that she must find Sean. He owes her both an apology and an explanation, and she’s determined to get them. 

Book Three: Full Moon 
Sean returns, igniting a passionate reunion with Erin. This time, she won’t let him flee from her in the night, she demands answers. 

But Erin won’t like what Sean has to say. He’s harboring dark secrets, more impossible than she could ever imagine, and now she’s become embroiled in his world. 

Erin soon learns that there is much more to fear that just a lurking killer in the town and that she was right to be afraid of what could be hiding in the shadows. Sean’s secret will ultimately become her own as her desire for darkness finally catches up with her.
Genre: Werewolf Romance / Paranormal Romance

Brenda's Review

**This ARC was given to me by the author in return for an honest review.Thank you Melissa for sharing your great stories with me! I truly enjoy your work.

This series is fast paced and moves you right into the storyline,no waiting for chapters to get better.....Because Melissa has knack for jumping right on it!

Erin is drawn to the dark side of life,she has no idea why.But since she was a teen she had always liked the darker side of music,clothes and bad boys.Erins mother tried for years to discourage Erin from the dark.Erin wouldn't listen.erin just thought her mother never really understood her.

Enter new guy at work,Sean.The overly handsome sexy new guy with a bad boy look.Erin is drawn toward Sean but can't really put her finger on why.

Murders around the town has everyone edge.And Erin can't help but that someone is watching her.Erin and Sean finally get together one night after Erin finds him the bushes dazed and confused.He seemed to be drunk or in a drug haze.She takes him home with her,Sean stating that he didn't want her going home alone with all of killing going on.They end up intertwined in heat of passion.

The next morning Sean disappears,completely gone.Left his appartment and quit his job.Erin is frantic to find him,she has to know why he just up and left.Something wasn't right.Too many secrets going on with her mother and with Sean.And boy did she find a shocking secret when she confessed to her mother about the weird happenings.**Cliffhanger** :) Didn't see that one coming!

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