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Going to California ~ Promo

Genre: YA Paranormal
Cover Artist: Anita Dugan-Moore
Publisher: Imzadi Publishing, LLC

Today we are featuring Going To California, book 2 in the Zeppelin series by Janice Grove. I am excited about sharing this series with you. At the end we also have a Rafflecopter so be sure to enter that.  Also feel free to leave a comment below for Janice.

Book 2
The Rain Song saga continues in Going to California, the second book of The Zeppelin Series. 

The Remington family is separated, each one facing a new challenge and danger. Will they be able to reunite before the evil stalking them succeeds?David and Micah continue their journey to find the mysterious Karen, while attempting to stay hidden from the very danger that ruthlessly hunts the youngest brother. Tirelessly they must outrun demons, assassins, and a mysterious man who stalks them - unaware of a new danger that looms closer, they search for safe haven in hopes of one day returning home to their family. 

Looking for his sons, Nick must rely on his new friends for not only help, but new knowledge into David's past and Micah's present: knowledge that could his perception about everything... forever! 

Finally believing that their family is about to be united once again, Nick and Angela are horrified that betrayal from their own circle threatens everything they hold dear. 

Can their love for one defeat the danger to them all?

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David stopped and looked at the boy and wondered, What the hell? before he said in slow measured tones. “My brother isn’t retarded; he’s just shy around new people. Now, do you really want to make an issue of it?”

The other boy smirked before turning to the rest of the group. “I bet his parents told him to tell people that to save him the embarrassment of telling the truth.”

Sighing, David looked down at the items in his hands and then held them out to a girl who had seemed nice on the bus. “Would you mind holding this for a moment?” he asked, then walked over the other boy, looked him square in the eyes and without saying a word, pursed his lips together for a moment gave a short nod and let a quick jab fly right into the other boy’s face. Leaving the boy’s friends to pick him up off the ground, David collected his items and quietly went back to the bus.

Missy was already waiting for him. “Don’t worry, you did the right thing,” she said as she followed him up the steps.

“I know. He’s my little brother.”


Janice, I am so glad to have you with us here on Loves All Things Books. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Thank you for having me here today. Anytime I’m able to talk about Micah and his family, I’m all for it! As for myself, there’s really not much to tell, really. I’m a wife, mother, former drafter in both the oil and gas, as well as, the aerospace industries. But I’ve always had a fascination with stories, and read anything I could ever since I actually learned how. I was the strange kid who read cereal boxes (before it was cool to do so). For as long as I can remember, there’s almost always been a story in my head, playing out its scenes or even whole conversations – I truly thought that was normal for everyone. *ahem* Now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t have admitted to that last one!
What has inspired you to write the Zeppelin series?
-          Well, it was the TV show Supernatural. The relationship between the brothers, in the early seasons, drew me in and before I knew it, I had little Micah running around insisting I tell his and David’s story. Have you met him? He’s pretty hard to resist when he actually asks for something!
Tell us about this series and the characters.
-          Wow! The series is easy enough to tell. Basically you have a small family living in a small town, who take in disadvantaged kids. That’s their American dream, and it works for them. Things change dramatically when an emergency case comes to them in the middle of the night and they learn quickly that this little boy is special…very, very special. To add to the mystery, the son they adopted six years previous, with no memory of his past nor his name, and their new son’s past, present and future are intertwined. Now their idyllic lives aren’t so peaceful, and in all actuality is now filled with danger from humans and demons alike.
The characters though…they’re a little more difficult to describe. It would be easy for people to look at stereotypes, but each one will surprise you in some form or fashion. I love the whole Remington family; from Angela’s sweet demeanor, yet strong will, Nick’s loving nature yet complete devotion to his family, David’s toughness in the face of adversity but has complete soft spot when it comes to Micah, and of course little Micah who has been beaten down so many times, but manages to get back up and try again.
What are you currently working on?
-          I’m currently working on the final touches of Whole Lotta Love, the 3rd installment of the series. I’m also jumping back and forth with Delta Omega 3, a story that originally started out as Steampunk but decided to switch gears and toss me into the future where One World Order has come to pass right at the time where humanity is unknowingly about to face extinction and it’s up to one woman, who in the effort to save her sister, may just be the key to saving the human race.  If you like Sci-Fi and Conspiracy Theories, this one will be for you.
Do you find that listening to music is helpful while writing or does it hinder your creative thinking cap?
-          I love listening to music while I write. Unfortunately, with a busy household it’s hard to do even with earbuds.
What do you do to overcome writer’s block?
-          Hit the highway and drive. I listen to the radio while I’m driving and it’s amazing how quickly ideas will flow. If that doesn’t work, I read or talk to people about what’s going on in their lives, or share experiences with authors. You’d be surprised how far the creative door will open when you stop trying to pick the lock.
What is your goal as an author?
-          Of course I want to share my stories with others, and I hope that they’ll enjoy them as much as I do. My ultimate goal though is to be successful enough so I can devote all my time to writing, reviewing, and mentoring authors.
Would you like to share with us your publishing experience?
-          I’d definitely like to share, but face to face and over some coffee. I’m not kidding… email me, or send me a PM, and I’ll be happy to sit down with anyone interested!
Is there any advice you’d like to give the aspiring authors out there?
-          Don’t give up! Seriously, it may be a vicious market at times, but there’s always room for new talent. Spend your spare time writing and creating. Definitely learn as much as you can, but don’t get too caught up in the polishing, because a great editor can take your best work and make it better.
Which author has most influenced you?
-          Oh wow, that’s a tough one. I have found so many authors that influence me just by the way they tell a story – either in a good, or a bad way. I’ve also seen the good and bad in how authors behave, that influences how I go about my own behavior as well. There’s too much drama in the world as it is, do we really need Book Divas on top of it?
I want to thank you for spending a little of your time with us today and sharing your books with us.
Thank you again for having me, it’s my pleasure to share the Remingtons with people!

Character Bios:

The series takes place in 1992 starting in Oswego, KS 

Nick Remington - Vietnam vet, former drifter, auto mechanic, small business owner, family oriented, protective. Never really thought of the paranormal until Micah. Now is a new student to the paranormal and how to protect his family from the things that are out there

Angela Remington - Small town girl, raised in a middle class Methodist family. Homemaker, strong willed, loving, resourceful, loves her guys more than words can describe. A force to be reckoned with when her family is in trouble

David Remington - current age: 13. Found on side of the road next to the side of the road six years previous with no memory or identity. Often closed off to others, but will protect his friends and family with everything he has, a natural protector

Micah - a double Nephilim which makes him a natural target for those who want to use him for their own gain, those who want to kill him, and the demons that just want him. Abused and alone he is afraid that he will do something that will either anger or endanger his new family. Only with David's persistence, and Nick and Angela's unwavering devotion, is he able to believe that he may have finally found a home.

Book 1
Small towns are known for summer picnics, neighborhood softball games, and cozy shops on Main Street not being home to things of the paranormal. So when the Remingtons take in another child in need of safe haven they are completely unprepared for the people and creatures that come to claim him. 

Nick and Angela Remington were living their American dream while helping disadvantaged kids. The last thing they were expecting was a small boy with big eyes to steal their hearts so completely while at the same time shaking the very foundation of their lives. 

When David Remington lost his brother Derrick last year, it left a hole in his heart that didn't seem to want to heal until Micah is brought to them in the middle of the night. Now he has a new purpose; to be the best big brother he can be while protecting the small boy by his side, at the same time discovering just how intertwined their past and future really are.

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Janice Grove currently lives in Coweta, Oklahoma with her growing menagerie of family, dogs, and characters who both delight and frustrate her on a daily basis. A mix of Hippie Chick and Motorhead, she hopes to one day have a carbon neutral home and Mopar in the driveway. Until then she relies on classic and alternative rock to get her through the day. And coffee - lots and lots of coffee!

Where to find Janice:

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