Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mysterious Ways by Lisa Beth Darling

Mysterious Ways

By Lisa Beth Darling

Book Description

As Hannah begins to spread her wings and regain control of her life her brother, Richard Mason, suddenly falls deathly ill. When none of the doctors at the prestigious Mountainside Wellness and Research Center can find out what's wrong with Mason will a vision from God be his only hope? Will the staff believe Hannah when she tells them she must find the White Rabbit or will they think she's still delusional?

Brenda's Review

This book is a continued version of Hannah and Rick,a brother sister team who are both over coming some really tough situations.

Hannah is in traction from her most resent surgery on her legs.She has a long road ahead of her in her recovery.But the team of doctors and her brother there to help her things are looking up for her.Not to mention her hot PT guy.Which by the way Rick hates...Wait does Rick even like anyone??

Rick is a crotchety man,his aches and pains don't his attitude.Then again,he has another problem he needs to deal with.... His pill popping and booze guzzling isn't helping any.Rick comes face to face to a child in the ER one night,a very sick child he can't save.When the little boy dies on Rick's duty,Rick takes it pretty hard.

Then Rick suddenly comes down sick and on deaths door step.Everyone thought it was his pill habit... Everyone but Hannah.Hannah just knows it has something to do with a white rabbit that God had placed in her heart.Hannah must search for the clues to the rabbit and save Rick.

This is an amazing story.It just keeps getting better! I'm hoping this is not the end to it.I want to see Hannah move on to a normal life with Nick.It would be nice to see Rick find love also.I still feel there is more to this story to come.... I hope :)

Brenda's Review Points 5 of 5


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